About Us

Sidecar Adventures Vietnam is operated by members of the Saigon Sidecar Club which was established in 1988. Our members have 20 original Ural and Dnerp Sidecar Motorcycles which we use to offer you exciting tours throughout Vietnam. Our sidecars are maintained to the highest standard to ensure you have a safe and enjoyable ride.

Our Mission
To provide passengers with an exhilarating and interesting tours of Vietnam by sidecar motorbike. We strive to improve our services year in year out to be the best sidecar tours of Vietnam.


Ural Sidecar History
Designed for the Russian Red Army during World War II, circa 1941, to help fight those pesky Nazi’s. The URAL was created based on the BMW R71 sidecar motorcycle which was given to the Soviet Union by Germany in the 1930’s to signify the no aggression pact between the two countries. Why did Russia want to fight the Germany when they were given such a lovely gift? I hear you ask. Well Germany decided to invade Russia some point after the pact was signed and well Russia weren’t too happy about it. Five more BMW R71’s were covertly purchased by the Soviets and were carefully dismantled and reverse engineered making casts and die’s of the parts.

The first prototypes of the M-72 rolled off the production line at the Moscow factory in early 1941 for Stalin to behold. He was so impressed with the Soviets copying, erm I mean engineering that he ordered they be mass produced for the Red Army.

A total of 9,799 M-72 motorcycles were built for reconnaissance detachments and mobiles troops during World War II. In the 1950 the 30,000th motorcycle was produced. In the late 1950’s the URAL production factory concentrated solely on production for the domestic market as military motorcycle production had been take over by the KMZ plant in the Ukrane. Export of the URAL began in 1953 primarily to developing countries like Vietnam.